Trust MOHR Industries

We have 30 years of industrial experience, and we offer expert guidance in the manufacturing business. Each customer has its own goal and has different requirements, we work with the customer for their exact needs.

In buying and selling new/used equipment we help our customer with expert engineers and provide upfront information to the customer. Also, equipment has its own usage history as well as its own maintenance history, but that doesn’t mean buying used equipment needs to be difficult!

You can trust our talented team of professionals to provide you and your business feedback and options for you to make a decision on how much time and effort you’ll need to invest.

Our team of highly trained service agents help our customers answer questions and discover the machines that best suit their needs. We offer expert services for any shop looking to expand their scope of “in house” CNC machine or any other equipment. Our service agents make buying used equipment for your small or large shop quick and easy.

Our engineers put in the work for you, so you have clear descriptions with photos and videos.